Apex DentalGUARD

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Apex Dental Guard

An Apex Dental Milling original product! Combining our signature design and fit with the power of Astron to bring a completely customized bite splint for all patients. Every Apex Dental Milling client has the ability to customize their bite splints exactly the way they want them. They have full control over the fabricating process to ensure chair time and adjustments are very minimal and the patient leaves satisfied.

Apex DentalGUARD is a clear thermal adjusting bite splint that is digitally designed and fabricated using the industry’s leading materials provided by Astron. This product is ideal for bruxers, clenchers, or anyone who experiences pain orally. It is also recommended to prescribe one to any patient with previous crown and bridge work to protect and prevent any damage.

How to Send

  • Send a digital scan or a physical model of
    1. Full Upper Arch
    2. Full Lower Arch
    3. Bite Registration at desired splint thickness
  • Allow 5 IN-LAB production days

Delivery Instructions

Upon delivery, please try the bite splint in the patient’s mouth before using thermal adjustments. This will help determine how much adjusting is needed. To adjust, run the bite splint under warm water or place it in a cup of hot water, depending how much of an adjustment is needed. No more than 1 minute in water is needed to loosen the fit. After, insert the bite splint into the patient’s mouth and instruct the patient to bite down with moderate pressure. After 15-20 seconds, remove the bite splint and run it under cold water to secure the fit and retention.

  • With Apex DentalGUARD being thermal adjusting, this allows the patient to self-adjust the bite splint after delivery in the comfort of their own home if needed.