Our Specialties

Crown and Bridge

Providing the highest quality materials with an exceptional fabrication process. Zirconia, Lithium Disilicate, Porcelain, Temporaries, and Gold.

implant restorations

Implant Restorations

Customized and Digitally designed using CAD/CAM. Titanium, hybrid, and screw retained implant crowns are fabricated using a wide range of manufacturers.


Incredibly accurate 3D models used for orthodontic and restorative purposes. Standards are always evaluated and met to make the best possible product.

Astron Bite Splints

Using our signature design and fit with the power of Astron. Our bite splint designs reduce chair time and require very minimal adjustments.

Company Statement

At Apex Dental Milling, we stay on the cutting edge of technology and provide the highest quality of dental restoration products. We want you to experience the finest dental technology with the most convenience. Each case we receive is handled with precision, detail, and care by our expert technicians and staff. Apex is an authorized BruxZir Milling Center. We also mill authentic Lava Esthetic Zirconia (made by 3M) and press authentic e.max material (made by Ivoclar). All of our products are designed using the latest computer-aided design software and manufactured onsite. Let us help you with all your dental laboratory needs. We want to offer you the best quality of service that is simple and easy, yet innovative and beautiful.

History of Apex Dental Milling

2008- Apex Dental Milling opened, making them the first lava milling center in Michigan. Designed zirconia substructures for crown and bridge which were used in the manufacturing of porcelain fused to zirconia restorations. Apex was instrumental in educating lab technicians in the state of Michigan for techniques for creating highly esthetic restorations.

2010- Apex started milling full contour zirconia; NexxZr and BruxZir. Apex was now an authorized BruxZir milling center. Apex was receiving model work from other labs and designing and milling full contour crowns for other labs.

2011- Apex acquired the equipment to 3D print models to complete the intraoral scanning process. 3D models were used for both orthodontic and restorative purposes.

2015- Apex became a full-service crown and bridge laboratory. Now working directly with doctors.

2018- Doctors became Apex Dental Milling’s primary client. In addition, Apex still supports and designs for other laboratories.

2019- Apex created the Apex DentalGUARD. Using a novel bite splint manufacturing process with the power of Astron.

Today- Apex has worked with hundreds of doctors and labs all over the country. Offering exceptional full-service crown and bridge restorations to doctors and giving other labs the tools to be successful. Innovation and education are what drives Apex Dental Milling to excellence.


  • “Great customer service, beautiful restorations, spot-on-margins. Apex is the lab.”

    -Gary Bloomfield DDS

  • “It feels great to know we have an excellent CAD lab in our own community. The precise margins, perfect contacts, and proper functional occlusion are an everyday occurrence. The customer service for my practice and my patients is outstanding.”

    -Santine Harlock DDS

  • “Apex, their name says it all. They have the pinnacle of lab technology with a state of the art facility and personalized fast service. I trust Apex Dental Milling for all my patients.”

    – Anthony Valentine DDS

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