3D Printing

Apex Dental Milling takes great pride in one particular thing, accuracy. Accuracy is present in all product offerings and doesn’t spare any of it when it comes to 3D Printing. Apex Dental Milling uses the power of 3D printing to bring together digital and traditional methods to create the finest restorations and dental products. This allows to speed up production time, reduce chair time, while keeping traditional fabrication techniques that we all desire when it comes to customization.

3D printed models from Apex Dental Milling are compatible and provide the accuracy needed for restorative and orthodontic requirements. Our models are scanned and evaluated every day to ensure accuracy standards are met and exceeded.

3D Model Options

standard horseshoe

Standard Horseshoe

Our most popular models! These are typically used for retainers and other thermoformed appliances. Palate not included unless requested.

low profile base

Low Profile Base

Includes palate data with additional resin to cover the entire base of the model. Ideal for Hawley appliances.

High Profile Base

Used for showpieces and surgery purposes. This is not an ABO, but we able to print the scans using a much higher resolution that is similar to ABO if requested.

How to Send Scans for 3D Printing

  1. Scan the desired data for the patient and forward the scans within the intra oral scanner or export the files and send through our website using “Send this File”.
  2. Scans MUST be in STL format.
  3. Please be specific on the type of models you are requesting, and which arches you wish to be printed
  • Allow 2 IN-LAB production days

Apex Dental Milling can except scans directly from iTero, Trios, Carestream, and TruDef scanners.

All other scanners must export the scans and send through our website.

Ready to Print Your Own Models?

We understand it can be a hard decision to purchase a 3D printer. Apex Dental Milling would be more than willing to assist and guide you through the process. We will evaluate your 3D printing needs and offer the perfect 3D printer for you. Contact us today to get started!